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Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detector’s throughout your house are 120 volt with battery back-up. Smoke detectors maybe located on each floor, and one in each bedroom.

Troubleshooting Your Smoke Detectors:

Normal Operation No Sound/Green Light:

Smoke Detector’s should be tested and cleaned monthly, clean by blowing out the sensor with a hair dryer on the cool setting or a leaf blower. Dust, spider webs, or other small particles can build up on the sensors.

Chirping/Red Light Flashing Once Per Minute:

Battery may need changed. Change batteries twice a year. ( A good time to change batteries is when you change clocks for daylight savings).

3 Beeps/3 Beeps Repeating on Alarms/Red Light Flashing on One:

Smoked Detector is Activated!

Still Having Problems?

Call Dillard Electric @ 937-836-5381. Smoke detectors only detect smoke not carbon monoxide if you here chirping but can’t determine where it is coming from, be sure to check carbon monoxide tester if you have one in your house.