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Arc-Fault Breakers:

Arc-fault breakers are installed on 120 volt circuits throughout the house. The area’s of the house that are arc-faulted include family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, closets, hallways or similar rooms. Garage’s, unfinished basements, bathrooms, and kitchens are NOT required to be arc-faulted.

Troubleshooting Your Arc-Fault Circuit:

  1. Check breaker in panel box, if the breaker is tripped off try resetting by turning breaker all the way off then back on.
  2. Breaker trips off again? Unplug all items from outlets on dead circuit and turn off light switch’s as well and then try to reset the breaker.
  3. If the breaker trips off again call us @ 937-836-5381
  4. Breaker stays on: try turning on light switches one at a time. See if the breaker trips when any ONE switch is turned on?
  5. If breaker holds and all lights work, plug the items back in that where unplugged during troubleshooting. Plug each item one at a time. If the arc-fault trips when plugging a certain item in then that is the one causing the problem.
  6. Loose plugs, damaged cords, blown light bulbs, unplugging items that are on or trying to come on may cause the breaker to trip. Motor loads such as ceiling fans, sweepers, and treadmills can cause problems with arc-fault breakers.

Still Having Problems?

Call us @ 937-836-5381. Arc-fault problems are hard to find. Ninety-nine percent of service calls we make for arc-faults turn out to have no problems on the circuit. Please try trouble shooting the circuit first before calling. This will help us determine the problem.